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Stacked Wooden Logs

Providing Air Quality, Bioenergy and Permitting Solutions

We have the know-how you need.

By focusing on the nexus between air quality, forest health, and energy stability, CLERE Inc aims to overcome the pressing issues in our rural communities and wild landscapes

We offer sound advice based on solid relationships with federal, state, local agency staff and policy makers. With over 20 years of experience providing legal representation and consulting services for government agencies, nonprofit organizations and targeted private industry, we know how to get things done.  We can help you overcome contracting challenges or environmental compliance. When you are up against a rule or policy that just doesn't make sense, let's move that policy issue or regulatory barrier together. We are at home in both the administrative and legislative arenas.

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Attorney at Law

In addition to representing the Clients listed, Christiana is actively involved in the Forest Management Task Force's Rural Economic Development Woody Utilization Group (RED-WUG) and serve as chair to the RED-WUG Barriers Subcommittee. Christiana also sits on the Board of Directors of the Bioenergy Association of California

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Contract Review

Legal and Policy

CLERE Inc. provides services such as contract negotiation, drafting and review, regulatory permitting for various levels of government, and client representation within California Public Utility Commission Proceedings.   We provide services through various representation agreements.

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Public and Private

CLERE Inc represents Placer, Northern Sonoma and Mendocino Air Districts and collaborates with state agencies on important issues like the Scoping Plan, the Short Lived Climate Pollutants Plan, Natural and Working Lands Implementation Plan, and the implementation of SB 100. CLERE also represents limited private industry and small scale biomass to energy facilities.

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The largest climate package in state history, Governor Newsom highlights over $15 billion in funding to tackle wildfire and drought challenges, build climate resilience in communities, promote sustainable agriculture and advance nation-leading climate agenda. 


With the recent award to perform a biomass quantification study across the State for the Joint Institute for Wood Product Innovation, we are welcoming Camille Sweazy onto the team to help with managing project progress and deliverables. With her background and recent completion of a Master in Forestry from OSU, we are thrilled to have her at CLERE Inc.

Additionally, Clarke Stevenson has begun his own MS at Humboldt State this last Fall! He will be continuing to work at CLERE while building a research on ways to improve the forest supply chain in California.


Former ED of CHIPS program begins new consulting practice

Regine Miller has stepped down as Executive Director of the well-known Calaveras Healthy Impact Product Solutions (CHIPS) program in order to start her own consulting business. She will be providing services in forest restoration and watershed stewardship, wildfire prevention, permitting, grant pursuit and project management in this new venture.  CLERE Inc is looking forward to working alongside and in partnership with Regine as she builds her practice!


Despite an excessive amount of dead trees, brush and small diameter wood that needs to be removed from California’s forests, existing and proposed wood waste utilization projects face a close to insurmountable challenge when it comes to demonstrating sufficient and long-term access to woody feedstock sources. In response to this challenge, a new concept was proposed and has since been the subject of several convening workgroups over the last several years to improve forest supply chain logistics. The concept has been referred to as the California Forest Residual Aggregation for Market Enhancement (Cal FRAME) model, or the “Pilot Projects” by the Office of Planning and Research. In 2021, it received funding from the Governor’s budget. Please see CLERE Inc's update to learn more!

Thank you to Conservation Strategy Group for making this work possible!

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