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Air Quality Agencies

Placer APCD 

The District is actively involved with local and state issues, and participated in the development of several state plans, including the Scoping Plan, the Short Lived Climate Pollutant Plan, the Natural and Working Lands Implementation Plan, SB 100 implementation at the California Energy Commission and investigates the development of carbon offset credits for the cap and trade program and voluntary carbon markets.

The District goals include Approval of the fuel thinning GHG offset
protocol and black carbon open pile burning GHG offset protocol in a voluntary carbon registry, Assisting the County and local jurisdictions in
developing proposals for the use of State forest resiliency funds, and seeking additional state and local funding for such efforts; Participating in and contributing technical expertise to forest restoration working groups –
including implementation of the Lake Tahoe West Restoration Landscape Strategy; Working with the State Office of Planning and Research and local jurisdictions throughout Placer County to identify pathways for CEQA
mitigation through support of forest management projects; Advocating for, developing, and implementing state legislation that values the societal benefits of forest restoration and distributed biomass

Northern Sonoma County APCD 

General counsel to the district board, supporting all divisions of the agency, and  in particular advising the Board's biomass committee with its woody-utilization business competition. 

Mendocino AQMD

We are the district special counsel for Mendocino County, representing the air district with support to staff on a myriad of issues relating to planning, permitting and enforcement.   

BioEnergy Project Development Support

CLERE inc is the recipient of US Forest Service 2019 Wood Innovation Grant to provide technical and legal support for 4 projects throughout the Sierra Nevada including:

The support for these projects is in place through 2021.

Joint Institute for Wood Product Innovation


In 2021, Placer APCD and Conservation Strategy Group jointly funded CLERE to facilitate JIWPI's "Advancing Collaborative Action on Forest Biofuels Working Group" feedstock committee. This working group will advance collaborative action to develop low-carbon and carbon-negative biofuels derived from forest biomass under California’s Low Carbon Fuels Standard. 

Business Clients


We represent a  small group of private businesses that provide data, technical support, or are generally involved in resource management. For more information about our private industry clients please contact us. 

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