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Legal Advice and Representation

CLERE inc can provide one-time or intermittent legal or general consulting services as circumstances allow. For more consistent representation, we recommend entering into a general contract for services with our team, or consider more long term arrangements.  

We can provide your organization a general services contract that describes expectations and rates. This is the best choice for clients who would like CLERE Inc to work on a specific short term project, or who have less than ten hours a month of projected legal needs.  We work closely with you to develop an arrangement that works for your group. 

If your organization can utilize legal services over ten hours a month for at least six months, a retainer agreement may be the best tool for you.  CLERE Inc recognizes the value of a contract guarantee, and so it offers discounted rates for clients who enter into these agreements.  Please inquire for more information.

Forest Stream

Project Support and Development

CLERE Inc provides a diverse array of project development services that is meant to support project developers, including public agencies, private companies and community groups interested in building bioenergy projects. Our support includes:

  • Inter-connection to the grid

  • Procuring off-take agreements for power or fuels

  • Feed stock contracts

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Contracting for equipment procurement and related services

  • Technical support for grants submission or subsequent contracting

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