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State Agencies

California Public Utilities Commission 

SB 1339 Microgrid and Resiliency Proceeding 

We actively engage with state agencies to influence and support energy planning to maximize reliability and duration of microgrids

SB 1122 Bioenergy Feed-in Tariff Program

As a part of the original team who developed this bill language, we are deeply involved in the continuation of the BioMAT program, and encourage support for the program extension beyond January 2021.  The development of the Draft BioMAT Emissions Life Cycle Assessment Calculator is a critical work product of the CPUC.  We expect an updated Proposal due out in early 2020. 

Bioenergy Association of California 

BAC provides critical updates, mobilization and representation on all aspects of bioenergy development throughout California. They educate the public about the greenhouse gas emissions related to methane from organic waste and black carbon from wildfire in addition to providing a forum to discuss the reduction of petroleum based fertilizers through the use biochar, biosolids and digestate, which are by products of bioenergy production that can be used as organic soil amendments

Additional Resources

University of California Statewide Wood Energy Team

A near comprehensive list of guidebooks on bioenergy site development, business integration, financing mechanisms and feedstock feasibility assessments

California Energy Commission


SB 100 Joint Agency Report 

We support and continually influence legislation that address our carbon neutral future. See E3's Carbon Decarbonization report (below) which served as the primary resource for CEC's proposal.  

Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) grant program

2019 Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) - SB 1389 requires CEC to conduct assessments and forecast all aspects of the energy industry including supply, production, demand, prices, etc. 

Humboldt State University Schatz Energy Research Center

A renewable energy research center with current projects like off-grid energy access and bioenergy  

Environmental, Economics and Energy (E3) - Achieving Carbon Neutrality in California: Draft Report

The Watershed Research and Training Center - Investment Opportunities for Increasing Forest and Fire Management Capacity in California

Mason, Bruce and Girard, Inc and the Beck Group - High Hazard Fuels Availability Study in California 

Bruce Springsteen, et al - Emission Reductions from Woody Biomass Waste for Energy as an Alternative to Open Burning 


Sierra Institute for Environment and Community - Paying for Forest Health: Improving the Economics of Forest Restoration and Biomass Power in California 

CLERE Inc - An Overview of US Forest Service Contracting Practices in California. Produced for the Forest Management Task Force REDS WUG Removing Barriers team 

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